VMWare VCSA Update Howto

Each ocassion i take a look back and see how technology has change since i left University (2002), i can’t avoid to fell some type of vertigo. At this time Cloud was only starting and technologies like Machine Learnig or I.A. has limited to Research and development departments.

Luckuly, on each ocassion we add an extra layer of complexity and funcionality, we also improve the management and CX of underlaying layers. An example of this improvment is how easy result the upgrade process in the VMWare VCSA.

VCA VMWare Logo

Starting the upgrade process:

We are gone to start, openning our favourite web browser and pointing it ti our VCSA management page. Remenber the management interface listen on HTTPS protocol and port 5480


Introduce our login/password and (root user) and click on Update Link (left column)

on this screenshot of my homelab, we can see that my VCSA is running version and also that we have available version.

This new version affect 33 services and is 1.85GB weight.

As relevant links you also will see “Stage Only” , “Stage and Install” and “Run Pre-Update Checks”.

There are some some boring steps to do previously to go ahead. Those steps are to make a VCSA backup and run the checks.

We are brave (and maybe a little senseless) and because is a homelab environment fully automated to recover and deploy, we can directly to”Stage and Install”

we accept (or not) the license agreement

we join (or not) to the VMWare Customer Experience

VMWare do a great job taking care all of us, so they ask to cofirm we alredy done a Backup ­čÖé

and finally the update process start. It can’t be more easy, in a few minutes (depend of your broadband speed connection) you will have your new version up and running.

Hope this post was usefull for you, and see you back soon.

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