SDN and OpenFlow for beginners with hands on labs (Book Review)

It’s summer time, and just to take advantage of the holidays time off and the fewer workload, I ever try to keep me up to date reading everithing as I can (technical and not tecnical reading).

The first one of the books I readen this summer seasson was “SDN and OpenFlow for beginners with hands on labs”.

It’s a beginner book, so is very easy to follow, and it’s oriented to people looking for a first approach to SDN, nevertheless the skilled engineer also can find useful material.

It’s very easy and fast to read, with two different topics. ther first one is about the theory behind SDN, and the second one is Hand On Labs focused.

In my opinion the most interesting info is the Hand On Labs (obviously) .

Don’t expect complicated Labs difficult to setup, but you can find useful info to setup our first SDN lab (with OpenSource solutions)

I think is one of the best (beginners) SDN book a read, the main problem is that is only available on Kindle format 🙁

You can find the book here:

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