Oracle & VMware partnership

OpenWorld is the Oracle’s most important public event, and it’s 2019 edition was started on Monday 16th of September with big announcements.

Larry Ellison (founder and CTO at Oracle) was in charge of the first Keynote and he accomplish our expectations.

Larry spoke about several new functionalitiesentre las muchas novedades que anuncio:

  • First history autonomous Linux OS
  • Free OCI tier
  • New refresh for Exadata (Exadata8M)
  • etc, etc, etc.

as I’m Cloud Architect at Oracle and also VMware vXpert, I’ve waiting for a long time the Oracle + VMware partnership, and yes, now OCI can run natively VMware workloads.

Win/ Win partnership:

In mi opinion this partnership is a clear win/win example for both companies, each of them leader in their respective market.

What win VMware?

Several things,

1: step by step and without make noise, they are a real cloud enabler, with presence in the top cloud providers. Now they are also stronger over Hybrid deployments

2: Very important, all Oracle products will have support running over VMware. Thinking that Oracle is the owner (not all, but a lot of) of the most used Enterprise Software, i think it’s a good deal for VMware.

3:Now VMware can run in the only one public cloud provider that can run L2 functionalities, Yes! you read right, OCI has native support for L2, and also is the only one provider to give full admin access to VMware to their customer (other public cloud like AWS or GCP can run VMware, but the customer never has full admin rights).

Do you want run you vSphere on the Cloud like your on-premise? now it’s possible, OCI rules!!.

What win Oracle?

Fundamentally one thing, be able to run natively and in a totally differential way of all others providers, VMware workloads

Now NSX-T will be supported (also vSAN and the VMware Full Stack Foundation), so now Oracle has a opportunity window to get in VMware workloads moving to the cloud.

If you want to see the full Larry’s Keynote:

Autonomous Infrastructure: Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld 2019

and to get additional information, go through both companies websites:

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